1. St. Augustine’s Museums Have Something for Everyone

    Because of it’s long history, St. Augustine is chocked full of museums and monuments preserved from the first Spanish settlers in the United States. Whether you are vacationing in the area or only have an afternoon available, there are plenty of places to draw your inner tourist. You could visit and tour the missions in the area. Specifically the Mission of Nombre de Dios. The grounds it sits on…Read More

  2. Exchange Downtown Jacksonville for the Charming and Eclectic Surrounding Neighborhoods

    Perhaps you come to Jacksonville for business or on your way somewhere else, but there are many charming places in Jacksonville to visit and enjoy. On your next trip here, if you use the airport shuttle and ask the driver what the best areas are to go to. This is one of the best resources to get to know an area. The drivers get the opportunity to talk with many people, so even if they haven’t vi…Read More

  3. St Augustine’s Historical Allure

    A travel spot perfect for history and golf buffs is St. Augustine, Florida. Plan your trip to take an airport shuttle from the Jacksonville airport to your lodging. St. Augustine and its neighbor Ponte Vedra are called Florida’s Historic Coast. Together they contain some of the oldest structures in the United States. There is 450 years of history for a history buff to sink his or her teeth into.…Read More

  4. Etiquette for Tipping Air Airport Shuttle Drivers

    When it comes to tipping, the rules and etiquette lines can be grayed or be lacking for different service industries. There are the obvious, wait staff, manicurists and taxi drivers, but what about other private transportation drivers, like limo or shuttle drivers? It’s a good idea to find out what best practices are for etiquette, especially when you may not travel often. When going on a trip, …Read More