Perhaps you come to Jacksonville for business or on your way somewhere else, but there are many charming places in Jacksonville to visit and enjoy. On your next trip here, if you use the airport shuttle and ask the driver what the best areas are to go to. This is one of the best resources to get to know an area. The drivers get the opportunity to talk with many people, so even if they haven’t visited a location personally, they know what others have said they enjoyed.

There are two places to check out, in addition to any added suggestions the driver or other travelers might have. The Five Points and San Marcos neighborhoods both have boutiques and restaurants that are sure to interest you.

In San Marcos on the Southbank, there is great shopping and eating available in the square. Enjoy a day full of walking through shops, finding treasures in the sunshine. The tree-lined square is charming and full of character to give you a break from your business trip. There are also tasting rooms that offer local microbrew beers and wines to stop by. Five Points offers a funky, trendy atmosphere and has been deemed the arts and commerce district of Jacksonville. It also offers shopping and restaurants, with a twist of the modern and eclectic.

No matter your reason for visiting Jacksonville, don’t only stay in the downtown area. Venture out and explore the area. Find your new favorite restaurant or gift shop. Take pictures of the scenery. If these shopping and restaurants fail to excite you, there is always the warm water on the Florida beaches that are only a short drive from the city. Relax and unwind with us in Jacksonville.